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Embark on a one of a kind experience. Attend our hands-on classes where you will actively participate in creating main components of a complete gourmet meal. Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced cook, we will cook at your level and guarantee that you will leave each class with feelings of empowerment and confidence. During each class you can expect to learn and execute food preparation techniques and also cultural influences behind each dish. Our cooking classes are held in our home's Gourmet Kitchen which has been designed for any social event with a maximum capacity of 8 people (larger groups up to 11 can be accommodated with some modifications).

A minimum of 8 people is required to book a private event. 

Class Length: 2 hours

A full sit down dinner included in class rate. Bring your choice of drink. 

Three-week cancellation policy with 20% non refundable deposit. 

Private Cooking Classes


Private Cooking Class

Team Building Events

At Experience Cooking, we firmly believe that cooking brings people together. Your private cooking party will be a true bonding experience for your business. Our private events are hands-on, inspiring, interactive sessions that will help your corporate team better communicate, delegate tasks, see tangible results from their efforts and simply have fun together. Chef Jessica will help your colleagues work together in a cohesive, positive and efficient way to create a delicious meal together. Not only will your team learn cooking skills they can use in their own kitchens at home, they will learn how to effectively communicate and work together. These are important skills that will easily translate from our kitchens to your office. Cooking Classes are scheduled around what works best for your group and a full sit-down dinner follows each class. You are welcomed to bring your choice of beverage. Groups size can range from 8-11 guests.

Class Length: 2 hours & 45 Minutes

Our Past Clients: 

Google, AAA, Humanetics, Clinique, Toyota, and more. 

Team Building

Dinner Parties 

Enjoy a worry free dinner with close friends at Experience Cooking. Chef Jessica will take care of the cooking and cleaning. We can also hold dinner parties in our home's gourmet kitchen. Dietary needs can be accommodated. 

Please contact us at for further details. 

Private Chef
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