Hands-On Cooking Classes

Experience Cooking prides itself in providing a one of a kind cooking experience. During our hands-on classes you will actively participate in creating main components of a complete gourmet meal. Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced cook, you can expect to enjoy an evening of cooking, learning, & eating.

Dinner Party

Enjoy an evening with friends, family or colleagues gathered around your kitchen as Chef Jessica prepares a customized meal sure to impress your guests.


Chef Jessica has had a passion for cooking since an early age. She attended Kendall College, a top rated culinary school in Chicago following many years of cooking for friends and family. She moved to Houston, TX and began working as a prep cook at an upscale French American restaurant. Shortly there after she was promoted as one of the kitchen managers. Following this amazing experience, she received an offer to become the Executive Chef at a successful catering company.  During that time, she learned what it is like to cook for over 800 people at one time!


After moving back to the north, giving birth to her little one, She began working as a Personal Chef and trying to determine how to continue cooking now with a family. She decided to tear down the walls of her home and build a gourmet kitchen where cooking classes could be held. After two years of planning and designing, Experience Cooking was born in the summer of 2016. 

Chef Jessica

Chef & Owner


Our Cooking Classes & Chef Table events are held in the chef's Private Home's gourmet kitchen. The kitchen is expansive and has been specifically designed to be conducive to cooking classes for groups ranging from 8-11 people.    

For the privacy of our family, our exact home address is not listed on the internet; it is provided in a detailed class email five days before each class.


"We had a great time! Chef Jessica is very knowledgeable and informative. Her kitchen is lovely and easy to work in. My husband and I really enjoyed this evening and had a great dinner with new friends! Can’t wait to book another class!"


Mary D.